Islamic Azad university of Qom, regarding eight deputies, has provided valuable services to the scientific community of the country and gained significant achievements in scientific, research, cultural and sports fields at the national and international levels.

Activities and achievements of science and research

Islamic Azad University of Qom has been active in the field of science production and research projects, and has been the leading researching university in the field of research for six consecutive years. Significant achievements in the field of research have been obtained in such a way that the publication of 450 ISI articles by faculty members in international recognized journals, the publication of 400 scientific research papers by faculty members, the publication of more than 370 title books, the implementation of 270 internal completed research projects and 70 external completed research projects, publishing nine scientific journals and one quarterly journal ISI (Entomology), equipping computer workshops with 450 computers, equipping laboratories, and workshops can be considered as part of the research achievements of Islamic Azad University of Arak;  compared with years gone it is a significant growth and jump.

Moreover, the excellence of Journal of Mechanics as the Research-Scientific Journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the entomology Quarterly of the Islamic Azad University of Qom indexed at ISI, the invention of a pneumatic aircraft replacement system by the student of the university, design and construction of an unmanned aerial vehicle by two students, designing and manufacturing hybrid cars at the lowest cost, design and construction of a Road Star outdoor car are some achievements of university.

Islamic Azad University of Qom has a considerable laboratory and workshop facilities, including: laboratories and workshops of chemistry, physics, microbiology, chemical engineering, mechanics, civil engineering, electronics, textile, architecture, medical sciences, agriculture, foreign language laboratories, Workshop on Library, Journalism, Psychology and Art.

University libraries with a total of 100,106 volumes of books and 12,107 volumes of graduation papers and 1,635 square meters of library space provide scientific services worthy of attention to the enthusiasts of science and thought.

In the field of publishing scientific works, Islamic Azad University of Qom is one of the most capable universities in the country, so far it has published more than 370 textbooks and non-textbooks and has enough print and publishing facilities.

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