Students of IAU-Qom are allowed to be hosted by other branches of Islamic Azad University either permanently or temporarily.

Please follow the directions below and after carefully reviewing the Transit Practice and Addendum, you will be required to register your application in the MENA system.

1- Time duration for submission of a request to transfer is the first semester of the academic year 2019-20, from 8 June 2019 till 9 July 2019.  (Do not postpone your application process until the last day.)

 2- With the full knowledge of the content of the style sheet and the choice of the material in accordance with your requirements, select the required material. (Changing the type of application at the time of registration in the Monanda system is possible up to 24 hours after the registration, without the cost of examining the documents, and then is possible by paying the cost of examining the documents.)

3- The latest status of applications for materials registered on the basis of Articles 1 through 12-1 and 16 of the Transfer Transcript Method will be visible online at the system and the guests may, in accordance with Article 12.2, be able to follow their applications until the date of 23 August 2019 and the start of classes. (The pursuit of students’ status is carried out only through the system and there is no need to visit the University Origin, destination and central organization of the Islamic Azad University.)

4-   Make sure your application is finalized.

5-   Do not ask others to register on your behalf.

6- As it is possible to select several destination branches in Article 12.2, it is recommended that you use this option to check the next priorities if you do not get the required points for the destination branch .

Important note 1:   After the deadline of request submissions, there is no possibility to edit the application. So carefully read the instructions.

Important note 2 : Student is responsible for the accuracy of all submitted documents. In the event of inadequacy, your application will be terminated in any steps of registration.

It should be noted that all applicants should have the general conditions stated in the style sheet.

Applicants may use MONADA portal for this purpose by click on

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