Faculty of Humanities

Building of the Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities initially has commenced its activities with the formation of related departments since 1985. The faculty attempted to improve its educational activities by establishing different departments. The Faculty of Humanities has 50 fields of study, 3209 undergraduate and postgraduate students, 18679 graduates, and 88 faculty members. The faculty attempted to equip the corresponding departments with essential implements according to the courses and degrees offered.

Facilities of this faculty for the use of instructors, faculty members and students include:

Language Lab, 36-48 The high-tech cabins, has two TV sets, two video and educational CDs, and specialized books using the ZL2100 computer system with the ability to hold 30 simultaneous classes.

– Journalism workshop with photographic studios, camcorders, cameras, specialized panels, layout and photography, newspapers, computers, connection to the global Internet network and other essential facilities.

– A psychology workshop with special features in this field to take practical lessons and conduct tests and psychological tests.

  – Librarianship Workshop with computer facilities with over-the-counter, OPAC, Overhead and more than 1000 books of specialized bookkeeping.

    – The computer site with access to the global Internet network in two sections of faculty members and students.

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