Qom Islamic Azad University

At a glance

In the name of Allah

The Compassionate

The Merciful

Imam Khomeini:

I hope that you and others will help this university, which was proposed by Mr. Hashemi, and was a good proposal, will increase its activities and will be developed everywhere.

The Supreme Leader:

Islamic Azad University is a hope for the surging enthusiasts of higher education across the country.

Ayatollah Hashemi:

Today, Islamic revolution and system take pride in Islamic Azad University.

The History of Qom Islamic Azad University

Qom Islamic Azad University was established on December 10th, 1985 under the aegis of the grand Scholars of Islam and the educated and in view of the regional needs. Throughout the past years, this university has made significant advances with the efforts of the previous chancellors.

In recent years, the university has made qualitative and quantitative advances. In the same vein, more faculty members have been employed and new fields of study have been offered. The number of fields of study has increased from 60 to 158 at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels.

Composed of five colleges, including humanities, basic sciences, medical sciences, technical and engineering, and nursing and midwifery, this branch of Islamic Azad University has about 13000 students.

Up until now, more than 36000 students have graduated from this university. Qom Islamic Azad University possesses a total of 50 laboratories, workshops, computer sites, and audiovisual labs, as well as 3 gathering halls with a seating capacity of 1000.

The number of full-time and part-time faculty members amounts to 220, more than of half of whom are assistant professors. Moreover, more than 700 adjunct professors teach at the university.


College of Humanities




Private law

Public law

International law

Public international law

Penal Law and criminology

Arabic language and literature

Business management (Marketing)

Political sciences (political sociology)

Political sciences (political thoughts)

Political sciences (Iranian issues)

Political sciences (Public policy-making)

Theology (Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic law)

Theology (Islamic philosophy)

Theology (Quranic sciences and traditions)

Islamic mysticism and Imam Khomeini’s thoughts

Jurisprudence and Principles of law and Imam Khomeini’s thoughts







Private law

Penal Jurisprudence and Law

Penal Law and criminology

Private jurisprudence and law

Political sciences

International relations

Arabic language and literature

English language and literature

English language teaching

English translation studies

Counseling psychology

Educational psychology

Clinical psychology

General psychology

Financial management

Business management (Marketing)

Quranic sciences and traditions

Educational sciences

Educational sciences (educational management)

Educational sciences (primary education)

Educational sciences (educational planning)

History of philosophy of education (Islamic pedagogy)

Educational sciences (curriculum development)

Technological management (Industrial development strategies)

Executive management

Regional studies (Persian Gulf studies)

Political thoughts in Islam

Information science and knowledge studies

Persian language and literature (Resistance Literature)

Imam Khomeini’s thoughts studies

Islamic Philosophy and Wisdom

Theology and Islamic knowledge (Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic law)

Theology and Islamic knowledge pedagogy (Islamic history and roots of Islamic revolution)













Political sciences

Business management

Governmental management

Industrial management

Arabic language and literature

English language and literature

English translation

Educational sciences (educational planning and management)

Islamic Philosophy and Wisdom

Theology and Islamic knowledge (Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic law)

Student number: 8300

Faculty member: 100

Space: 7350 sqm

Programs: 93


Technical and Engineering Collage

Doctorate of Engineering

Computer sciences (computer systems’ architecture)

Computer sciences (software systems)

Master of Engineering

Industrial engineering

Nuclear engineering (medical radiation engineering)

Mechanical engineering (design and production)

Bachelor of Engineering (Continuing Education)

Engineering (computer software technology)


Bachelor of Engineering

Electrical engineering

Industrial engineering

Civil engineering

Mechanical engineering

Computer software engineering

Student number: 2000

Faculty member: 22

Space: 7235 sqm

Programs: 20


Computer engineering (computer systems’ architecture)

Computer sciences

Computer engineering

Computer engineering (IT)

Medical engineering

Municipal engineering

Student number: 2000

Faculty member: 22

Space: 7235 sqm

Programs: 20


Nursing and Midwifery College




Laboratory sciences

Medical college (The first medical college established in the province in 1985)


General practitioner

24h Clinical services (General and specialized services by the faculty members in Nur Clinic):




Student number: 391

Faculty member: 26

Space: 2172 sqm

Program: 1



Gynecology and midwifery


Speech therapy



College of Basic Sciences

Student number: 1746

Faculty member: 54

Space: 13025 sqm

Program: 44



Organic  chemistry


Master of sciences

Biology (microbiology)

Animal Biology (physiology)

Plant Biology (developmental cell biology)

Organic chemistry

Solid physics

Geophysics (seismology)


Biochemistry (Microbe)

Cellular and molecular biology

Physics (Cell particles and Circuits Theory)


Biology (Biochemistry)

Medical Chemistry (Medical college)

Mathematics (financial)

Biology  (genetics)

Plant sciences (systematic ecology)

Nuclear physics

Nuclear engineering (reactor)








Bachelor of science


Physics (engineering)

Physics (condensed matter physics)

Applied Chemistry

Medical Chemistry

Cellular and molecular biology (Biochemistry)

Cellular and molecular biology (genetics)

Cellular and molecular biology (sciences)

Cellular and molecular biology (Biotechnology)

Biology (animal biology)

Agricultural engineering

 Agricultural engineering (livestock science)

Agricultural engineering (Poultry science)


Graphic communication

Dramatic literature

Graphics (visualization)

R &D Department

The R&D department and science parks act as a bridge between university and companies. By establishing such centers, different countries try to absorb more interns and university graduates to narrow the gap between industry and university, and improve the employment rates and public welfare.  The main mission of R&D Department is creating an appropriate environment for commercializing research and technological achievements and supporting the development of knowledge-based businesses. In general, the advantages of the R&D Department are as follows:

  1. Expanding and hastening innovations
  2. Upgrading the newly-established companies
  3. Lowering the risks in managing new companies
  4. Practicalizing and commercializing research results

In the same vein, the R&D Department of Qom Islamic Azad University, composed of seven technological units, was established in February, 2017.

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