with the help of information technology from the qom Islamic Azad University and co-authored by Ertebat Afarinan Parsian Company, Wireless Internet.

Please note that the following access is only possible if you connect to Qom IAU WiFi.

By entering the Admin Panel, you can buy a charge, change the password, view statistics and traffic reports, and more.

Name of wifi or SSID for connection: Qom IAU

Username: Student Number/Master Code/Personnel Code

Password: National Code

Note that the status of free traffic is as described in the table below, and the surplus on this amount is the need to pay the user’s fee to the Internet Service Provider.

Account Type
Free traffic Charge interval
۱ Student Masters 300MB Term (4 months)
Senior and Ph.D. 500MB
۲ Professor 4GB
۳ Employee 4GB

Reset intervals Free charge User Accounts:



Start Date

End Date













All users can access all of their subsystems (education, office automation, food reservation, tuition fees, college websites, etc.) from Website of the Qom Islamic Azad University website without logging in to their account and just by connecting to the Qom IAU WiFi for free.

Note: If you log in to your account and visit the Qom Islamic Azad University website, your remaining traffic will be deducted from the amount of hits.

Preparing the network infrastructure in order to publicly use the Internet

Pardisan - Faculty of Engineering 100%
Pardisan - Faculty of Humanities 100%
Pardisan - Administrative building (Sport) 100%
Pardisan - Mosque of Al-Rasul 100%
Pardisan - Prayer Blvd 100%
Pardisan - Boostan Sisters 100%
Pardisan - Building The vehicle 40%
Police Square - Dormitory Sisters 20%
Blvd. 15 Khordad - Faculty of Medical Sciences and Basic Sciences 10%
Police Square - Sama 10%
Police Square - Clinic 10%
Pardisan - Dormitory 1%

In order to report the problems in the connection, you can contact Ebtekar Afarinan Sabet Parsian Company number +982537848997.

You can also visit the Office of Management at the Faculty of Engineering, Third Floor, at the University.

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